“Tell Me Your Story”

Arriving by a treacherous boat journey, Nisreen had been living in the Moria Camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, for two months.  Because of limited housing, a blanket hung in their tiny room as a divider for privacy between her family and another refugee family.


Using art therapy, our team encouraged Nisreen to tell her story by drawing a picture of anything that wounded her heart. She drew atrocities that had happened in her country due to war.  She drew her feelings about being stuck in the camp with the uncertainty of when she might be able to leave – “saying she felt she was in prison having to share a room with people she didn’t know”


A day later, Nisreen returned to draw another picture.  This time she drew hope.  She drew happiness.  For the first time, she had been able to tell her story and share her feelings.  The impact of simple art therapies!