Trauma Relief Clinics

Only 8 percent of crisis relief agencies are addressing the invisible scars of war trauma that cause PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) induced seizures, headaches, disassociation, rage, bed-wetting, depression and many other debilitating effects. Due to limited resources and the sheer magnitude of the refugee crisis, relief organizations are overwhelmed. Symbol: Hope endeavors to partner with relief organizations providing group trauma therapy through art, music, sports and TRT (Trauma Relief Tapping).  Each clinic is conducted differently based on the needs of the location and the refugees. 

Drawn by 8 year old Kareem with what he witnessed first-hand in his village in Syria.   

Drawn by 8 year old Kareem with what he witnessed first-hand in his village in Syria.


Trauma Relief Training

Understanding war trauma, the effects of PTSD and how to respond when listening to a refugee’s story is critical -- for the health of the refugee and the worker.  Every volunteer working with Symbol: Hope completes a 16 hour training in basic PTSD and trauma relief techniques working with a team expert during our outreaches.  Our goal is to multiply theses skills to workers in partnering organizations creating sustainable care for the refugees. Symbol: Hope runs trainings based on the demand of a location.  Please contact us directly if your organization would like training.

Cross-Cultural Training

After spending 14 years, working in the Middle East, our founder, Jeanette Klausmeier, has extensive experience in cross-cultural training.  Witnessing many misunderstandings and experiencing the frustration of her own mistakes between foreign volunteers and Arabs, Jeanette developed trainings on worldview, cross-cultural communication, and contextualization for short-term and long- term workers in cross cultural settings.  She consults and offers training to organizations needing to equip their workers and improve their effectiveness working with refugees.