Symbol: Hope is a humanitarian non-profit organization (501c3) endeavoring to bring hope to war victims - specifically women and children. Our goal is to empower women and children refugees that have been caught in the crossfire of the Middle Eastern wars to ultimately rebuild their lives and nations.  We work to help them recover from their loss mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically by offering therapies for war trauma.  We utilize the arts including: music, film, art, and fashion as a means of therapy.  Using the arts, we also spread awareness of the refugee’s plight and our hope for their future.

Why Symbol: Hope? 

Since the outbreak of violence in 2011, an estimated 10 million Syrian refugees have fled the country including 7.5 million women and children. The majority resides in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon and 100,000 are stranded in the Jordanian desert. An additional 654,000 have applied for asylum in European nations, although they have no guarantee of safe haven and their fate remains unclear. Not all who were forced to escape to Europe survived the perilous journey; over 6,000 refugees have died at sea in a desperate attempt to escape their flight. The United Nations declared that this is the worst refugee crisis in history.

In this current refugee crisis, hope seems lost. Thus, Symbol: Hope was established as a means of raising hope in the midst of the refugee crisis. Hope, defined as “a feeling off expectation and belief for a certain thing to happen; an expectation of fulfillment,” provokes motivation to carry on despite desperate circumstances. It gives a reason to live. Without hope, people and nations will perish in this crisis. 

Hope sees what can be & provides the fuel to get there.

...Hope is the symbol...

Hope transforms.

Hope creates dreams.

Hope sparks innovation.

Hope inspires.

Hope is an agent of change.